Stedman Triples Peal Compositions

Click here to see a collection of 21 part peals of Stedman Triples.
These compositions have part-ends which are cyclic rounds, tittums and queens.
They have been found using a program written by Richard Grimmett.

Each composition consists of multiples of 2 blocks. The blocks are nearly identical. The A block
rotates clockwise or anti-clockwise between rounds, tittums and queens. The B block gives a cyclic rotation.
In addition to the versions shown, each peal can be rearranged into AABAABB times 3.

The peals are sorted by number of consecutive calls. They are then further sorted
by total number of calls.

Where the program has found a composition that has already been claimed, the composers name has been
added (I am only aware of two of these). Please notify me of any omissions.

Please send any comments to Richard Grimmett
24th July 2004